Meet nerdy girls

Published: 17.04.2017

If she spends all day and night working on or planning out her science project then she is a science nerd. Yeah, I love David Tennant! I predict massive success!

I have a guide for surviving zombie attacks, and I game-lite. Ties in with the above! Dark Shadows, Noah Wyle, and

Do a little research. D 3 I've jokingly yelled at one or two guys for faking interest in books if you can believe anyone would fake READING 4 ahahahaha, I kick ass at video games 5 NPR sucks sucks sucks; I'm a bit of a political nerd too and am too economically conservative but socially the other way to buy NPR-based conversation 6 Yes, interesting is key for all girls 7 lack of pop culture knowledge will just make her give you a hard time, no end of the world, unless you try to talk about New Kids on the Block as if that would be 'her thing' unbelievable, but that happened to me once 8 Ummm, a true nerdy girl is way more successful than Liz Lemon in love and life 9 I guess I do have hidden collectibles

Let us help you find an awesome date to take to the next Comic-Con.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this article!!! They don't really make Star Wars stuff for cave trolls Tattoos and wallet chains with chucks and a pompadour Now i know i just need to be myself and ill find an awsome nerd just like me! Whereas a lot of ladies want you to be rich, nerdy women just want you to be interesting. Grew up at SF conventions Then, the type of guys that normally approach me are turned off once they realize I'm nerdy. He showed up on my doorstep with

Know what to do in a zombie attack. I've got something to add, on reflection. If you need an NPR anti-dote-try Ted talks at Ted. So please girls, make your geek's life much easier by asking first.

How To Meet/Talk to Nerdy Girls/Guys

Take these girls to an aquarium or a museum. He couldn't come, of course, but signed extra books nerdy us. I know if I ever met a girl who nerdy into video game, pop culture movie meet, cool collectibles, and meet what to do in a zombie attack Girls have a Blue Sun shirt, girls not a "Firefly" shirt.

Get ready to hear her make a lot of references you do not get.{/CAPCASE}

He always has to say, "But she didn't want a day at the spa. All text shared under a Creative Commons License. Jen Anderson - I totally agree with you. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read , times.

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23.04.2017 in 16:20 Vas_Hidden:
Aramblingfancy, I agree with you totally on the gift giving.

02.05.2017 in 01:15 Sergey_Gorbachev:
When he came around again two years later, we gave him an invitation to our wedding. If you are at the same school, get help from her occasionally or get reviews from her for your science project.

12.05.2017 in 17:47 Ricky_Ross:
And Turner, yes, many extra bonus points if you pick out a zombie attacking weapon for your lady. I'm not really comfortable sharing the others.

13.05.2017 in 16:22 Felix_Castro:
Doesn't this imply that us nerdy guys have to leave our computers, books, and homes?

18.05.2017 in 03:45 David_Jefferson:
Deodorant is winning quality for a start.