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Published: 21.04.2017

Ship by highschoolstoryteller SCI-FI AU: Though not inherently cruel, when Julian first transfers to the MC's school, he retains certain prejudices and the arrogant attitude he developed at Hearst. He believes that Julian will only ever be good at football.

Julian is a Jock who attended Hearst High. Julian has an incredibly vast knowledge of all things sports. Kiara Autumn and Julian seem cute together!

MC's Instant Messaging by ScratcherKing a series of text messages between the MCs Rated: During their time together at Hearst High, Julian used to bully Nishan and called him names like Nerditron and Hide and Go Geek. Jau Who's Wes Posted on:

He is good at coming up with plays and quick at making decisions that can turn a game around. I thought my version will be beautiful, nice and— Jake: I have Autumn and Julian together, Nishan and Sakura together, Payton with a prep guy, and Wes, Ezra, and Mia aren't dating anybody. Will Julian or Wes save her, or will Autumn go down the darkest of paths? It comes from pain.

School Carnival The First Party The Party Girl Talent Show Homecoming Quest Mission Nerdpossible The Cotillion. Moment by Valerian candidate A series of short fics based on High School Story. He wears the Level 7 Jock outfit with slight colour variation ; the white and red has been inverted. Sign In Don't have an account? I decided to pair him up with Autumn. Unlocked At Level 2.


Funnily dating, he is not good at dodgeball and any attempt to improve at it has failed. Old rivals and crushes resurface, story Rose and the rest of her friends are in for quite the ride. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteMore info. Julian my bby hss hss spoilers max date high school story.

Why is everybody dating Julian?{/CAPCASE}

T - English - Chapters: I put Payton and Ezra together and during the quests they act like their dating. Frosty Connections by StanfordBound reviews If you thought the drama at Lakeside High was over, think again. Annonymous I think they should since well, when they hang out they sound embarrassed and shy.

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26.04.2017 in 03:56 Nikita_Vyskub:
Screameraya28 Trust me your not the only one.

01.05.2017 in 04:03 Markus_Wilkerson:
Miss Gemini I'm saving Autumn for Wes because of their relationship in Surviving High School.

07.05.2017 in 17:37 Keegan_Holms:
Miss Gemini I'm saving Autumn for Wes because of their relationship in Surviving High School.

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It's shown in the Extra Credit side quests that both Julian and Connor both know a lot about camping and the wilderness.

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Whether you need someone dependable watching your back or just someone faithful by your side, there's no better person to call!